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Envato’s Role

We ask customers to communicate openly with you as soon as they experience an issue with their item. There are some issues which may be out of your control and in those cases, we direct customers to our Help Team.

When handling refund requests for items purchased on ThemeForest and CodeCanyon, the typical inquiries we receive are:

  • Problems with making payments and completing purchases.
  • Items that have been removed from a customer’s account.

Types of inquiries you may receive are:

  • The item is broken, malfunctioning or not as described.
  • Mistaken Purchases.
  • Problems with item support.

There may be times when we will decide to refund a customer using our discretion (i.e. we are not legally obliged to do so). In these cases, we will cover the cost of the refund.

For refunds on Markets aside from ThemeForest and CodeCanyon, the refund request is sent directly to us.

We provide a Help Center for commonly asked questions, issues and marketplace guides.


If a customer is having trouble reaching a desirable outcome, they may choose to lodge a dispute with us. They may do this because:

  • Their request has been declined and they disagree with the decision.  
  • They are not getting the support they need.
  • They have not had a response to their request.

We will investigate all disputes and may reopen a previously closed refund in order to resolve a dispute.

In order to resolve a dispute, we may ask for more information from you or the customer.